Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So, on top of going to Disneyland last week, our youngest daughter Tianna went to homecoming. This is the first year she has seemed to be interested in anything in school.

I had no idea all the little things that go into a 3 hour event on a Saturday night:)

She HAD to go dress shopping with her girl friends, not me:( Big step for a mom who has done all the shopping with her daughter:)

She HAD to have the right pair of shoes ,and all the accessories.

Had to figure out how to get there, and where the after party was gonna be ,AND


Not sure I'm ready for all this, but I am so proud of the loving , sweet young lady she has become, and even though these teenage years are hard, they can be a little fun:)

 All the prep work was a grandmas house:)
 Finished product!!
Beautiful girl.. Inside and Out!!

Love ya girl,


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