Saturday, February 11, 2012

Clearance Rack 6 X 6 Album

Wow February 2012.. My first post of the New Year:) Life has been unbelievably insane for the last couple of months, but so much good stuff has happened that one post couldn't contain it all. But in short here goes...

Tirzah still hitting Tianna
Tianna Mom and Dad done
We figure out a way to get Tirzah her own place
Tirzah moved into her own apartment 2/1/12
Tirzah is very happy with new home!!
Tianna Mom and Dad sleep now:)
God is Good and there are better days to come.

So while I was at my parents home the last couple of days I was able to work on a mini album for my nephew Micah who just turned 2.
I made it with products off of our Clearane rack at , and used the protective sleeves from the inside of an album so he can see his pictures better, and touch them without getting them dirty!!
This little guy is a cutie, and it was a bummer to miss his birthday, but maybe next year:) So I know his mom took a lot of pictures for him to put in his album!

Happy Birthday Micah!!

Hope your all having a great weekend!!



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