Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Papa Crowe is with the Lord now:)

Grandpa Crowe on his 71st birthday, 2006

Grandpa crowe with Tirzah, sharing their love for cake:)

Grandpa with Grandkids on the Kauffman side. He was so good to them, and loved them like his own. My daughter never knew he wasn't Dales dad! He was a great grandpa!!

I haven't been posting for the past week because it has been completely crazy around the Kauffman
household. My sweet darling husband has been by my side through most of Spring Break. He did a great job at our Prayer Retreat with the youth for 3 days, and we thoughly enjoyed the wonderful cabin and weather of Happy Jack!! But the day after we came home we learned that his Step father passed away in the night. But the amazing thing was that on the way home from the retreat we heard he was in hospice so Dale took our daughter Tianna with him to visit grandpa. When he came home he thought it could be weeks or months before Grandma Crowe would go home to be with the Lord, but in God's providence He was gone by the morning, so  I am so glad they were able to visit and Tianna was able to see her Grandpa one more time. The next day Tianna and I went and stayed with my mother in law so she wouldn't be alone, and we were surprised at how well she was doing! She has been a wonderful caregiver for the past 18 months, and I think she was happy that he wasn't in anymore pain. God is so good ,and I was so blessed to have Gary as a Step Father -in-law. He loved the Lord, and came to pray with me when I had my scary Brain MRI, and would always reassure us of Gods Faithfullness in some of our hardest times. He was a jokester, and loved making us laugh.. He and I shared our love for Peanut Butter, and while it is one of my favorite foods I still never could eat it on my Hamburgers like he could:) He made the best Peanut Butter Fudge, and know his recipe is mine:) The biggest gift he gave to our family was his love for Dales mom. She was such a loved woman because of him, and she would glow in his presence... She will miss him, and I know she looks forward to the day when she will see him again.
The funeral was Saturday, and the best part of funerals is being with family. Dales family is scattered around Az, and we usually only see each other on Thanksgiving so it was great to catch up. I thank the Lord for the wonderful family God has given both Dale and I and pray that we can be that Godly example to our children and grandchildren to come!!
God bless ya all, and I hope to get back to Stamping this week!!

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