Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disneyland Rocks again:)

So Disneyland is the place to be for our family.. It is so refreshing that we can be ourselves, and Autism doesn't get all the attention!!
We were very blessed to get a Family Assistance Pass this year which pretty much put us in the front of the line, which I know doesn't seem really fair, but if you had to wait in line behind Tirzah you would be yelling "Give this family a pass for goodness sake!!" See Tirzah has a really hard time waiting, and so she starts yelling louder and louder, scaring small children, and making old people stare.. So to just hop on without all the drama was really nice, and she was able to ride more of her favorite rides which made her behaviors almost non-existence.. In fact we got the most weird stare from a man in front of us who was blind, can't imagine what the poor man was thinking when all he could hear was ..." You need to stand still, no more babies, your a big girl, stop crying:).. " You could tell he was a little freaked out cuz I'm sure he's heard nothing like all that noise before:).. We also walked next to a man with a little guy that had autism, and he was struggling with getting him across the busy street without him screaming.. I just wanted to tell that poor man that it does get better, and how brave he was cuz we never could have taken Tirzah at that age.. way too much stimulation!! I'm glad though that people are becoming more educated about Autism.. Twice I overheard ladies suggesting that Tirz was autistic, than talking to each other about friends and families they knew that dealt with it.. So we really had a good time together , just the 4 of us.. like a real family:)

Dale and I bright and early in front of Main Street! I love that man for all he puts up with!!

The 4 of us on the Jungle Cruise.. Tirzah wasn't sure about all the animals:)

T and Tirz in front of Main Street.. Tirzah always has to have her towel:)
Pluto was the only character we could even get close too.. Tirzah wasn't sure about him:) Poor Tianna had to do the whole trip with her sore and bummed up left arm, but she is such a trooper!! She really puts up with a lot and doesn't really complain too much:)

I thank the Lord so much for all the wonderful blessings He has given us, and for the little extras like a special pass that actually helps us enjoy His blessings!!

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  1. So Jealous! Looks like a fun time.

    I am your new follower from SC...

    Hope you can follow me.

    Angel Hawks

  2. Thanks Angel.. I'm following you now! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Yay! So glad you had a great time and that you got a quick ride pass! I can imagine how much that helped!

    So I missed something - like WHAT HAPPENED TO T'S ARM????

  4. T fell in track and messed up her wrist.. She is much better now, and will be back to track on Monday:)